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Pick a Pack 2016-17 Panini Studio BK 8

Pick a Pack 2016-17 Panini Studio BK 8

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Each Box contains One Autograph and One Memorabilia Card!

Studio returns to basketball for the first time since 2009 with a newly improved format and configuration!

Collect a 300-card tiered base set with cards 1-100 that feature action photography, 101-200 (Studio Edition) that feature portrait-style photography, and 201-300 (Sketch) that feature sketch-art photography. Each tier is increasingly hard to pull with Studio Edition, falling approximately 15 per box, and Sketch, falling approximately one per box.

Look for the ultra-rare From Downtown! insert that features original artwork. 1 Per Inner!

Celebrated Signatures is a 15-card set, showcasing the top talent of the game mixed with all-time NBA greats such as Shaquille O'Neal, Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


FROM DOWNTOWN!: From Downtown! showcases original artwork and is one of the rarest inserts in the set!

ROCK SOLID: Rock Solid's die-cut design is as unique as the players featured in the set!

TOP FIVE: Check out the rotating background featuring five top rookies from the 2016-17 NBA Season!

BREAKOUT SIGNATURES: Find both, rookies looking to breakout and veterans who have already made the leap to NBA superstardom!

STUDIO SIGNATURES: Studio Signatures is a tip of the cap to he classic designs found in the 1990s Studio releases!

GAMERS GOLD: All memorabilia sets in Studio feature prime versions!

10 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack 

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