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Rules and Shipping Info


What is a box break?


A box break is an event where a non-biased person will open a box / case / pack of collectible cards for other groups of people.This is a cheaper way to get the pulls and hits that you are looking for. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a box or case when you are looking for that one hit, one player, or one team. Not only that but box breaks are alot of fun to.


What type of breaks do we offer?


Pick a Pack

 This is where you will Pick your pack number from the box and we will open it for you live

With every Pick a Pack order you receive dead pack protection

What is Dead Pack Protection?
We keep track of every hit in each pick a pack box.
Sometimes the last hit of the box will be pulled before your packs are opened
or a box may have less hits then advertised by Panini, Topps, UD etc.
In this case we will replace your packs with Hitmasters site credit!

 Pick a Team

 This is where you pick your team in the box break. Each team will have a different price based on the checklist for the particular product


 A Random break means we will randomize everyone's names in a mixer 3-5 times to determine your teams.


Base Cards

 By default no common base cards go out for any breaks. All Hits,#'d, SP , and Rookies go out

 Some breaks will have a Add Base option. Look for this on heavy base products like topps.

All Base from your Pick a Packs ship out. Let us know if you would no longer like to receive your base.



We package every Monday for the past weeks breaks.
This will include the breaks from Tues.-Sat. breaks
Each new week starts on Tues.
Pickup for our packages arrives on Tues morning. Delivery for US packages takes 1-3 days.
International shipping varys depending on country . Estimate 1-8 weeks of time to arrive. We have seen it take even longer then this on occasion .

We ship everything professionally and safe.

You can check your tracking under My Account . You can click into each past order and see your tracking. You will also receive a email notification to your registered email address.

Insurance-The price of the break does not include insurance for your cards. We do not insure packages from breaks unless that service is requested and paid for by the buyer. If you would like your cards sent with insurance we will quote you the price . We always do our best to deliver your cards safely and securely and will do everything in our power to help if a package is lost in the mail. However if you do not purchase insurance for your package we are not liable or responsible if the post office loses or damages your package.


International shipping is $3 per order. No base cards for Pick a Packs go out for International shipping. If you want your base cards you can request them and pay the exact shipping charge.


How do i find my break and when will it go live?

Use our Youtube Link on our Website's Home Page to find your break. 

Each day of breaks has its own playlist.

If you ever need help locating a break you can send us a quick email and let us know what your looking for.

Additional Break Rules


Multi Player Cards


In a event a hit card is pulled with 2 or more players on it.

We will do a random to see who will receive the card.

Majority owners!

To win a card by majority you must own more then 50% of the card.

For example if there is a 4 player card and someone owns 2 players we will randomize it

and the owner of the 2 teams will have 2 spots in the random.

If someone owns 3 of the 4 teams then majority takes the card.

Same goes for 8 player cards you must own 5 of the 8 teams to take majority.


Honest and fair breaks every time

We do everything we can to provide you with honest and fair breaks every time. 

 All our boxes and or cases are factory sealed and come only from trusted sources.

 We do all breaks live!

The cards will never leave the site of the camera before you see them first .


Safe handling

We make sure to handle the cards in a professional manner. We also wash our hands before we start the breaks:)

Some cards may not come out of the pack in perfect bgs 10 condition but we do our best to keep each card in the condition it came in.

In many cases you will see us loading the big hits in one touches !