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Pick a Pack 2012-13 Elite Basketball 22

Pick a Pack 2012-13 Elite Basketball 22

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Each Box contains 3 Autographs and 1 Memorabilia Card!

Look for 100 short-printed rookies inserted at two per box!

Find great player combinations with the return of the iconic autographed Passing the Torch set!

Inserts include: Elite Signatures, All-Time Greats Signatures, Dominators, Craftsmen and both Elite Series and Rookie Elite Series insert sets! Elite is designed as a true collector's set!


- 200-card base set
- Four base set parallels (Aspirations, Status, Gold Status, Black Status)
- Four memorabilia inserts, each featuring Prime versions
- Five autograph inserts

Rookie Inscriptions: Look for this newly designed, on-card rookie autograph set printed on a clear plastic card stock!

Elite Signatures: Check out this clean and classically designed autograph set featuring today's top players!

Passing the Torch: Look for player combinations, including Kobe Bryant/Kevin Durant, featuring the current and future faces of the NBA!

ROOKIE: Chase a 100-subject rookie subset to complete your Elite set!

DOMINATORS: One of the most iconic and recognizable inserts makes its debut as a basketball card!

CRAFTSMEN: Find NBA players who have worked hard to perfect their craft-in action, doing what they're most known for!

20 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack

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