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Pick a Pack 2017 Sage Hit Low Series FB 5

Pick a Pack 2017 Sage Hit Low Series FB 5

  • $ 799

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Each Box contains 15 Autograph Cards!

Premium Prortrait foil stamped insert set with auto versions!

New Peak Performance Platinized subset (chromium style)!

20 inserts per box including 3 Platinized auto cards!


- Premium Portrait numbered level autographs 50/50 to 1/1 (1/box)
- Gold level Autographed cards numbered to 250
- Numbered Peak Performance Platinized subset cards numbered 50/50 down to 1/1 including autograph versions (ONLY AUTOS NUMBERED, PARALLEL LEVELING STILL FOLLOWS NUMBERING SCHEME OF AUTOS)
- In Focus subset with focus on special top players
- Ground Attack (RB), Air Forces (WR) & Field Generals (QB) subset featuring top players at each position.
- Hobby specific base parallel card in every pack
- Instant Impact subset featuring 2016 rookie players including Dak Prescott & Ezekiel Elliott and others w/auto versions.

16 Boxes Per Case, 20 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack

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