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Pick a Pack 2019 Contenders Draft FB 3

Pick a Pack 2019 Contenders Draft FB 3

  • $ 2499

 1 Hit Per Pack!!!

Each Box contains Six Autographs and Five Inserts/Parallels!

Look for rare autographs from college football greats like Herschel Walker, Patrick Mahomes II, and Deshaun Watson in Season Ticket Signature.

Look to collect ON-CARD autographs from the top draft prospects in this year's 2019 NFL Draft!

Our fan-favorite College Ticket subset features autographs from the 2019 NFL Draft and includes Hobby-Exclusive Bowl Tickets, Playoff Tickets, Championship Tickets, Cracked Ice Tickets and Printing Plate parallels.

Find autographed inserts in School Colors Signatures, Season Ticket Signatures and the dual-signed Collegiate Connections Signatures.

Each box will deliver 6 autographs!


SEASON TICKET: Today's NFL stars pictured in their college uniforms! Look for Printing Plate versions, sequentially numbered to 1!

CRACKED ICE TICKET: One of the most sought-after parallels, our Cracked Ice Ticket is always a must have!

SEASON TICKET SIGNATURES: In Season Ticket Signatures, you'll find autographs from some of the greatest players to ever suit up in college football like Herschel Walker, Patrick Mahomes II, Deshaun Watson and many more!

COLLEGE TICKET: In this 150+ card College Ticket subset, you'll find all of the top draft picks from the 2019 NFL Draft. Look for sequentially numbered parallels like: Bowl Ticket (#'d/99), Cracked Ice (#'d/23), Playoff Ticket (#'d/15), Championship Ticket (#'d 1/1), Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black printing plate versions (#'d 1/1)!

GAME DAY TICKET SIGNATURES: In this 25-card set, look for prospect autographs from athletes who played at some of the most prestigious programs in the nation!

COLLEGIATE CONNECTIONS SIGNATURES: In Collegiate Connections, you'll find dual autos from either 2 top draft prospects or from one prospect and a legend from the same program!

SCHOOL COLOR SIGNATURES: Look for autographs from top NFL Draft prospects wearing their alma mater's colors in this 20-card set!

6 Packs Per Box, 18 Cards Per Pack 

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